Memory Logs of Exams

Up until recently, the Faculty Student Council of the Faculty of Economics and Management has received the exams from the chairs at the faculty. Those older exams are available for download in the exam archive. Newer exams are only available by coming to our office hours.

The publication of the exams has been severely restricted in the last semesters. Therefore, most of the upcoming exams will not be available in the exam archive in the coming semesters. Exams that have already been published will, of course, remain public.

Introducing memory protocols
In order to have exams available in the future to prepare for upcoming exams, the Student Council reconstructs the exams together with the students of the Faculty of Economics. The tasks of the different exams are collected in memory protocols and the exams are reconstructed

Cooperation between faculty student council and students

The reconstruction of an exam is only possible by merging several memory protocols. Therefore, the Faculty Student Council appreciates the support of the students at OVGU and especially the Faculty of Economics and Management.

Click here to submit a memory protocol (English version now available)




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